Lobkovich + Conway Wedding Reception - 07 December 2013

I met JPaul Lobkovich and his partner Mike Conway during my former life as an architect when I worked on several projects with their firm, Lobkovich Kitchen Designs. Beyond being talented designers, they were (and continue to be) among my favorite people from that time. When I received a note from Mike with the news that they had been married and they were looking for someone to photograph their wedding reception I was very happy to accept.

The full set can be viewed here.

The full set can be viewed here.

Congratulations to Mike and to JPaul! It was a pleasure to be on hand for this very special event!


Dupont Underground Fundraiser - 7 September 2012

I'll be on hand to photograph tonight's Dupont Underground, 'Above-Ground" fundraiser. Looking forward to hearing some fantastic music and to participating in rasing money for a really unique project.

Here are a few photos of some of tonight's performers, taken during the filming of music videos in Dupont Underground.

See you tonight!



Citizen Effect - Team Headshot Photography

August is for vacation and relaxing and catching up. This is not to say I have not been busy. - just away from the computer and the blog for a while. So, getting back into the swing of things ...

I completed a short, on location, headshot session for Washington DC based, community-advocacy, non-profit Citizen Effect. Here are the finals that they selected.

There are many things I like about this sort of location work. For one, photographing and seeing people in their work space (in this case with co-workers looking on) presents a much different energy during a shoot which often gives me insight into how to pose and interact with individuals. In the end I feel that this lends to a more genuine portrait. I also really enjoy the technical challenges of photographing in a small space and making it look like it was shot in studio. We were really wedged in here, but I was lucky to have 1) a blank wall and 2) high ceilings. Lastly, I love when people see the lighting set up and I hear "Wow! This is the real thing." For me the lightng is an everyday thing, and I forget that this isn't true of most people.


World Bank Group Headshot Photography + Social Media Profile Pictures

Last week I did a daylong headshot session for a team at the IFC to help promote their inter-office social media platform. To encourage people to update their profile, the team provided coffee, cup cakes and an opportunity to get a professional (2 minute "photo booth" style) headshot done for their profile picture. On the day I photographed about 150 people in about 6 hours. It was a lot of photography but a really great opportunity to shoot a really diverse group of individuals.


Rob - Portrait Study #2

On Wednesday I got together with local DC musician Rob Pierangeli to do a quick portrait session. I used a single light set up (+ back ground light) with a small umbrella and worked on building a composition using the contrasting areas of lights and darks that this created - something I had been interested in experimenting with and I felt would also work well for Rob. My favorites are below with a few more here.

One thing you do find about simple lighting set ups, they allow you to focus a bit more attention on the subject - less time juggling and more time interacting is a good thing in many ways.